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Gamma Vaccines’ lead product is GammaFlu®, an improved seasonal flu vaccine that offers broader spectrum immunity to different influenza viruses. GammaFlu® also has the potential to be stockpiled as a “universal flu vaccine” for use as an immediate emergency response to any new influenza pandemic.
Gamma Vaccines manufactures and kills influenza virus in a manner that preserves the proper structure of the virus and its various proteins. By using gamma irradiation – a procedure in wide-spread use to sterilize surgical instruments and stop spoilage of perishable fruits – a killed virus preparation can be obtained that is no longer infectious and which induces a potent immunity to different influenza virus strains and subtypes.


Gamma Vaccines Pty Ltd is an Australian company targeting primarily the human and avian influenza market.

Formed in July 2009, the company is developing a cross-protective influenza virus vaccine, GammaFlu®, designed to replace current seasonal injectable flu vaccines with an easy-to-administer, broader-spectrum intranasal vaccine. The Company’s products also hold the prospect of being able to be stockpiled for use as an immediate first response to any new influenza pandemic. In addition, Gamma Vaccines is developing a vaccine that can provide better protection against highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry. The Company is also conducting research on vaccines for preventing bacterial pneumonia.

Gamma Vaccines’ proprietary technology was invented by leading researchers from The Australian National University’s John Curtin School of Medical Research and The University of Adelaide’s School of Molecular Life Sciences. The company has attracted significant equity investments from Australian, Indonesian & US investors and been awarded numerous grants from the Australian Capital Territory and the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

Founded by experienced early-stage managers and the inventors themselves, the company is currently negotiating with several partners in Asia and Europe to commence clinical trials for applications in both human and animal vaccination markets.

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